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We were formed in Budapest in the 23 th district in the year 2002 as a family ensemble..

The ensemble has two members at the moment: Rubina Ladjánszky (11years old) and József Ladjánszky (40years old).

We hope children members of our family will take part in common music in the future as they develop their knowledge and ability of playing music.

Rubina Ladjánszky has been learning to play piano for five years in a school of music.

József Ladjánszky participates in performance of our songs as an amatour musician.

First time we entertained the members of our family with performance of old hits (e.g. Over The Rainbow ) then we begin to write our own compositions according to the technological development .

The foundations of European pop music are characteristic to our musical style.

We would like to play such music that is independent but similar to our ideals at the same time.Basic stylistic marks can be recognised in our songs but we need much musical and technical development in order to archive our purpose.

We were going to make our first record of introduction in the year 2003. because our own music material had been ready by this time(one CD – six numbers, 40 minutes).

Among them the trial version record of three numbers have been made in the Magnetic Sound Studio.

At the moment we are working on the following: correction of innacuracies that can be heard on the records, shortening of numbers , giving variety to the numbers with effects and to complete our songs with singing and +1 guitar part.

Our main purpose is to give pleasant feeling to other people with the songs we play.

We hope we shall achieve our purpose.